MEET NATASHA DSOUZA                                              

 The award-winning and internationally recognized Master Artist and Educator who has been at the forefront of the industry for over 7 years.
 As the founder of Beauty Dreams LA Permanent Makeup Studio and Academy located  in Los Angeles, California, Natasha has trained countless students from around the world who have not only became successful, but also are an award winning PMU artists. 
 But what truly sets Natasha apart from the rest is her unique and innovative techniques, such as the signature Brilliant Lips, 7 Carat Lips, “No-Orange” Dark Lips Neutralization Part 1 and "15 minute technique" Dark Lips Neutralization Part 2 techniques, which have gained widespread acclaim for their stunning, natural-looking results. 
 With Natasha's expert guidance and personalized instructions, you'll learn the latest and most advanced techniques for creating flawless lips, as well as the proper fundamentals and technical skills necessary to excel in this competitive and rewarding field.
 Natasha Dsouza is the ideal instructor and mentor to help you unlock your full potential as an artist and a professional.